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Mercedes-Benz Stadium to feature community inspired art installation

Got any spare laces lying around?

@PinkNGreenVirgo on Twitter

One thing that seems to be very clear about how Arthur Blank does business is that he is very big on being involved in and with the community. This is one of the reasons that Atlanta's MLS club has "United" in its title. The goal is to have the team be representative of the community, and a newly announced art installation at the stadium will embody all of that.

In conjunction with the Savannah College of Art and Design and artist Nari Ward, Mercedes-Benz Stadium will feature the "ONE VOICE" piece, which will be those words spelled out in shoelaces exclusively donated from, well, YOU. This project will be "a representation of the collective voice of our entire community", meaning that your old (or new) shoelaces could be on display at the Benz.

Isn't it time that you freshen up the laces on that old pair of classic kicks anyway? So bust out those old Grant Hill or Jerry Stackhouse FILAs, your "8th grade skateboarder phase" Airwalks (come on, I know I wasn't the only one), your Griffey Swingman cross trainers (man I loved those), your "What's the point of this zipper exactly?" Gary Payton The Glove kicks, those 2005 Nike T90s (the ones I played in... loved those), or even those completely busted Steph Curry grandpa shoes that your dad bought to try to be cool; rip the laces out; and take them to any one of the places listed here.

In doing so, you might be motivated to actually clean up those old shoes, re-lace them, and stomp around the A in some CLEAN three stripe Adidas that we've all had at one point or another. Plus, you can always go visit your old laces on your way to the affordable concessions stand at halftime when Atlanta United is pummeling Orlando City or whatever other poor bunch of saps that think that THEY CAN COME INTO THIS HOUSE. Okay, I may have gone off message there, but you get the point. Come on guys, it's only shoe laces. You need new ones anyway.