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Overreacting social media warriors owe Atlanta United an apology

"United-gate" was a sham. Pay for your sins.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations Minnesota United! You've officially been promoted to MLS!

Now for the awkward part. It looks like you guys owe Atlanta United an apology. You got all hot and bothered over the whole "United-gate" issue for nothing. And before you start patting yourselves on the back for thinking "the people" were the ones who forced MLS's hand on this, know that it's only by the grace of Arthur Blank and Atlanta United that you get to keep your name.

In his infinite wisdom, Blank realized very early in the MLS Atlanta process that the best thing for any league is story lines, controversy and rivalries. So, knowing Atlanta and Minnesota would likely join MLS in 2017, Blank surveyed the team name landscape and Atlanta United was chosen. He then "used his influence" to force the Minnesota name change. A ridiculous notion to begin with.

Despite the fact that AUFC has united the biggest MLS-empty region in the US, Minnesota United fans began taking to twitter and were really, really angry. Well, now I think it's time Minnesota United supporters apologize. You got to keep your name after all the ATLUTD hate thrown over the last eight months or so. At the very least, MNUFC media members and writers should all admit that either both names are terrible, or that both names make sense (which they do).

But really, we want a formal apology from Minnesota United fans who expressed their anger and really mean tweets towards Atlanta United fans. It would be a small token of appreciation toward Arthur Blank and Atlanta United, who together helped make Minnesota United MLS-relevant over the last year. We'd prefer an apologetic tifo in what will likely be the first MLS match of 2017, Atlanta United versus Minnesota United, but will also accept individual hand-written letters.

Oh, and we'd like Christian Ramirez, too. For pain and suffering. Here's to you Minnesota name shamers: