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MLS announce conference alignment for 2017

Atlanta and Minnesota split conferences

MLS: MLS Next Event Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In the least surprising news of all-time, Atlanta United FC will join the Eastern conference when they begin play in Major League Soccer in 2017. The league announced its conference alignment after Minnesota United FC’s official introductory announcement on Friday night.

While Atlanta joining the East is common sense, Minnesota will be headed to the Western conference to keep both sides balanced at 11 teams a piece.

While Atlanta United FC joining the East is probably not a shock, old school fans of the Atlanta Braves are probably reminded of the time their team got stuck in the National League’s Western division all the way until 1993. Sometimes geographical location loses out to league logistics. Thankfully, MLS were able to make the proper arrangements to have Atlanta in the East.

Now we wait to see how the schedules will be determined with 11 teams in each conference. Will there only be 2 matches against fellow conference members a season? Will natural rivals get preference? It’s all up in the air until MLS decides what’s best. But, for now, we know where Atlanta will be playing most of their matches, in the East.