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WATCH: Eales talks season tickets, MBS and more with Forbes

Darren Eales opens up about his hiring and how Atlanta has received Atlanta United

Mention 22,000 season ticket purchases and suddenly everyone takes notice.

Atlanta United president, Darren Eales, had a chance to discuss the Atlanta marketplace, Mercedes-Benz Stadium and some of the finer details of his hiring with Michael Ozanian of Forbes on the YES Network. He also addressed the stigma of Atlanta sports, explaining how 31,000 season ticket deposits for Atlanta United in a transient city is even possible.

Eales mentioned Arthur Blank can be "very persuasive" in regards to stealing him away from Tottenham at a time things were going well with the Premier League club. It's evident in the interview that Eales loves the idea of starting and building a new team from scratch.

Within the interview, Eales addresses the NFL/MLS dynamic of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and how the stadium is absolutely a soccer-specific facility. He also touches on the finer details of how The Benz will be modified to fit FIFA field specifications without sacrificing the fan experience.

It's another great look into the mind of Atlanta United's president, Darren Eales.