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Bastian Schweinsteiger states intentions to leave Europe; Is MLS next?

Better yet, is Atlanta in his future if so?

Germany v France - Semi Final: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Could Bastian Schweinsteiger be Atlanta United’s next Designated Player? Speculation is beginning to grow as he has claimed he’s ready for a new start in a different continent than Europe.

The Germany legend, in no uncertain terms, stated his intentions to leave Europe as soon as possible on Wednesday. In a statement put on his Twitter account, the veteran midfielder claimed that Manchester United, his current club, would be his last in Europe:

The phrasing of the statement got Major League Soccer followers, and particularly Atlanta United fans, rather excited.

Atlanta United have two open Designated Player slots and will certainly be in contention for any and all big names that become available between now and March. NBC Sports have already suggested that Atlanta would be the top logical destination for him, if he does come to MLS. Schweinsteiger just happens to fit the exact profile of an MLS DP as well.

Antennas all over North America go up whenever a great player at the backend of their career are looking for a new club. That’s just the culture of MLS and the reality of the transfer market. The league attracts top names who may have lost a step.

There’s no questioning that ‘Schweiny’ has lost a step or maybe even two. Despite scoring a goal for Germany at the Euro’s, his age showed dramatically through his physical appearance. A career full of tracking box to box has seemingly taken its toll on one of the best two-way midfielders of the last decade.

That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t succeed in MLS, however. As incredible as it is, Bastian Schweinsteiger just turned 32 years old this month. With some rest and recuperation, which he’ll surely get at Manchester United while being completely out of Jose Mourinho’s plans this season, he could be ready for the next MLS season fitness wise.

On paper, this makes complete sense, but at this point it’s just purely educated speculation. There’s always the chance that the Chinese Super League could come calling and offer him a ridiculous amounts of money or some other league. But, if MLS is where he wants to be, there isn’t a better fit than Atlanta United for him.

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