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WATCH: Eales talks US soccer growth, player acquisition and MLS talent

Forbes released the full interview with Darren Eales, highlighting broader topics outside of Atlanta United.

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Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Forbes released their full interview with Atlanta United president, Darren Eales, today, diving into topics such as the growth of soccer in the United States and MLS player acquisition.

Eales mentions that when he was first appointed as president, he was surprised at the phone calls he received from players expressing their interest in moving to MLS, specifically, to Atlanta United. It must be something that comes with the territory of starting a new club, as Carlos Bocanegra pointed out to Yahoo! Sports UK he also dealt with similar phone calls and emails from player agents.

Many people forget Eales was part of the deal that sent Clint Dempsey back to the Seattle Sounders. He believes the level of talent found in MLS now is much better in recent years, and is a league a player can develop in before making a transition to Europe. Developing, selling and then developing the next players are all part of creating and maintaining a dominant club.