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Snapchat has an Atlanta United filter now

Go crazy, millennials!

Look, I don’t understand Snapchat. I’ve tried multiple times to get it. Maybe this is the first true sign that I’m getting old an technology is passing me by. Or it could be that it’s just a really confusing app with a high learning curve. I’m not in a position to make that determination without bias. (Totally the curve thing. I’m not old, dang it.)

Nevertheless, we have some good news for you Atlanta United fans who do happen to understand how Snapchat works. There’s now an Atlanta United filter to put on your snaps (someone cool told me that’s what they’re called)!

I haven’t seen it firsthand, but people on the Twitter blew up yesterday with glee that they’d seen a new filter. Here’s what it looks like apparently:

Yes, an Orlando City blogger brought it to our attention. That’s the ATLUTD snapchat overlaying Orlando’s field. That’s about as sacrilegious as you can get.

The DSS staff went crazy trying to find the new Snapchat filter. Eric Quintana was roaming the streets at 2 am trying to find this thing. We finally came to the conclusion that the Snapchat filter is only available at MLS venues and possibly team-run functions such as watch parties.

If you know the specifics of where and when the filters are available, let us know in the comments. Still, this is what it looks like. I can’t wait to use it to take depressing selfies and send it to my three internet friends.