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Come play for MLS! We may trash you on the way out, though

Nigel de Jong has left the LA Galaxy. The editorial output for the league he played for made sure to let him know their feelings upon his departure.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Nigel de Jong was a pretty good player for the LA Galaxy.

The defensive midfielder lasted 18 games in America before terminating his contract and returning to play in Europe for Galatasaray in Turkey. Overall his tenure was divisive. Most, if not all, fans will remember him for his scary tackle on Darlingon Nagbe, which earned him a three game suspension. Still, de Jong provided excellent defensive cover for the Galaxy, and allowed his fellow midfielders to roam, making them even more dangerous. He has shown himself to be one of the most important cogs in this playoff-bound machine.

Upon leaving, this is what he was treated with:

Let us know you you really feel MLS.

It is not a good look by any measure to ruthlessly trash a player on his way out. I understand that MLS editorial is supposed to be separate from the league. Still, that is the league's twitter account promoting a video taking down a player, for really misguided reasons. If I am a player who has a reputation and played well in MLS, I would hope that my play spoke for itself. I certainly would hope a sports league would not promote itself through capitalizing on that reputation.

MLS wants to position itself as a global destination for premier soccer players. This, is definitely not a good look.