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All Minnesota "United" merchandise is now mysteriously on sale

Can't imagine why they'd be doing this right now...

So, Minnesota United is having a #Unitedsale on all merchandise effective immediately and for the foreseeable future. I don't really feel bad as an Atlanta United fan, specifically because I believe the blame is severely misplaced.

In case your new to MLS and the "United-gate" situation, MLS is mandating Minnesota United change its name before entering the league in 2017. The thought is that MLS doesn't want to add another "United" team, especially if Miami United ends up becoming a real thing.

For starters, this sale lets the rest of MLS know that Minnesota United won't be Minnesota United next year. I'm sure every single MNUFC supporter is throwing darts at Atlanta United decals. That's fine. MLS needs rivalry hate to help build the league and create narratives.

This all gave me a wonderful idea. Since Minnesota United fans blame Atlanta United, lets help them out by buying a few pieces of MNUFC merchandise and converting them to Atlanta United items. They'd be perfect for the Atlanta United/Minnesota _______ matches in 2017.

I don't see anything going wrong in that scenario...