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AO Atlanta is organizing a bus trip to USMNT match in Jacksonville

In case you're looking for a ride.

So, you bought tickets to next months USMNT vs Trinidad and Tobago World Cup Qualifier match and are still coordinating a ride to Jacksonville? Look no further! AO Atlanta has got you covered.

Here's how it'll work:

For $40 (after $16 rebate you'll receive on the bus), you'll get free beer on the bus, free food at the tailgate before the match and, ultimately, an experience with your AO pals you'll never forget. It's a fun chance to ride to Jacksonville, watch the USMNT and make it back to Atlanta the next morning with some of the supporters you'll be cheering with.

The bus will depart Atlanta at 8:30 a.m. the day of the game from the Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station. The bus should arrive in Jacksonville at 4 p.m., giving everyone a chance to continue the tailgating with the American Outlaws prior to the match. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m., meaning the game should end around 10 p.m. The bus will depart Jacksonville after the match around 10:30 p.m.

Just to be clear, the purchase of a seat on the bus does NOT include a ticket to the match. To ensure you'll be cheering with everyone you rode down with, be sure to purchase a ticket from the American Outlaws. AO has tickets available for every home match, including the USWNT vs Netherlands match happening in Atlanta.

If you're new to the AO's or haven't been to a USMNT match, this is a great opportunity to meet some other supporters. You'll also have a chance to win great prizes while on the bus. Save money on gas, hotel, food, drink and make it back for work the following morning. You'll have an amazing time and return with an amazing story to tell your coworkers!