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Minnesota United hints toward major announcement soon

With less than eight months to go until the 2017 Major League Soccer season begins, there are still a ton of questions still yet to be answered. One of those could be announced very soon. While Atlanta United is 100% officially confirmed to debut in 2017, rumors have long hinted at Minnesota United joining them.

Stadium delays and possible name changes have put off any official announcement of the Minnesota franchise’s arrival next season. However, according to a mysterious tweet sent out by the club on Saturday night, we could soon finally get some of those answers we’ve all been waiting for.

This image that was posted by the club’s official Twitter account leads us to believe that an official announcement will be coming on August 19. The hashtag “Next Stop MLS” is fairly obvious and backs up strong indications by Don Garber, who all but confirmed their entrance into the league during the All-Star festivities a few weeks ago.

The acronym “STP” can be seen on the right graphic. It’s safe to assume that means St. Paul, the capital of the state. That could indicate a possible playing location for the team when their stadium is approved.

The only mystery that remains is what the team will actually be called once they make the jump from the NASL to MLS. Reports from earlier this year state that MLS could force Minnesota United FC to change their name in order for the league to only have two “United” teams with the addition of Atlanta United already confirmed and the already existing D.C. United. Rumors of Arthur Blank’s influence within the league front office popped up, as if he wanted Minnesota to change their name. At this point, that is still conjecture without any facts to prove it.

We’ll all have to wait until August 19 to find out if all of the rumors are indeed true and they’ll have to rebrand to something different.