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Battery coach Mike Anhaeuser gives update on Jeffrey Otoo

Saturday night Dirty South Soccer got a chance to catch up with Charleston Battery head coach Mike Anhaeuser and get an update on Atlanta United loanee Jeffrey Otoo.

The 18-year-old striker arrived in Charleston in early June shortly after signing with Atlanta. The young Ghanaian previously played for Charity Stars in Ghana’s second division.

Since joining the Battery, Otoo has rarely made the team sheet, only managing to find playing time in Charleston’s friendlies against Rangers FC and the Nigerian Olympic squad.

Coach Anhaeuser on Otoo:

“He’s a young kid. When you’re a young kid you got to take your time and work yourself in. Trying to work him in isn’t easy because he isn’t an outright striker, but he’s done well. He’s improved, his confidence is getting better every day. We almost stuck him in there tonight, and I tell you what he’s just a step away. It’s just going to be a matter of when he gets his chance, because I think he’s improving every day, in training he’s looking sharper, and that’s what he has to do. He’s got a great attitude and he’s a great kid, so we’re excited to get him in but we don’t want to rush him.”