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Dirty South Soccer is looking for Atlanta United fans who want to write...Apply today

Want to write about Atlanta United? Local women’s soccer? College or youth soccer? Apply to join our staff of writers.

Are you a passionate Atlanta United fan and have the itch to show off your writing skills? Dirty South Soccer is preparing for the onslaught of upcoming fun and news that is inevitably approaching as soon as the current MLS season ends.

Our goal has always been to provide the best possible coverage of Atlanta soccer on the internet. We’re looking to expand our editorial staff to fit the increasing workload that is sure to come.

We have several positions open on our staff. They include, in order of priority:

  • News Desk - A position for someone with a wealth of time available to write and the ability to complete tasks quickly. Your main job is to be available when breaking news or relevant news to our area of interests pops up. You’ll be asked to complete an informative post with all the important details of the news.
  • Features - Are you interested in interviews or expansively researched articles? You would make for a perfect Features writer for our site. We’re looking for original and informative articles that delve into the topic further than the on-the-surface news hits.
  • Writers - You just have an opinion and you want to share it. Anything and everything goes.
  • Social Media Specialist - One of our players just Tweeted something hilarious or Atlanta United just had a funny exchange with another team. We want your creativity to spin it into an entertaining post to explain and expand on what’s happened out there in the world of social media.
  • Satirist - Have the creativity and/or comedic stylings to pull off some amazing fanfic? Are you a pro at sarcastic humor? We want your genius on our website.
  • Graphic Designer/Video Editor - Can you create art in Photoshop or something spectacular in After Effects? We’re always looking for creative and interesting people and projects.

Topics we are looking to cover mainly include Atlanta United, but we aren’t limited to just them. We’re hoping to expand coverage on women’s soccer, college soccer, and local area youth soccer.

DSS has been around for about a year and a half now and has become one of the go-to sources for soccer in the South. We have a knowledgeable staff, including writers with tactical expertise, historical perspective and a good sense of the broad picture of MLS specifically and soccer in general.

We want to add to this staff and expand our ability to bring quality content to all who would consume it.

We're building something special here. Do you want to be part of it? Please fill out the form below if you’re interesting in joining our staff.