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Peachtree Post #12: TataWatch, NASL, Atlanta United Academy, & MLS

Covering the pitch like the dew...

FC Barcelona v Athletic Club - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Follow those hashtags... #TataWatch, #NASL, #PackPace, #MLS

Welcome back! We love hashtags and I guess they love us since they keep gifting us!

#TataWatch is in full effect! Will Martino come to Atlanta? What does he bring? How does he impact the team and possibly the city?

NASL had news this week and it wasn't ideal. The landscape of soccer in the U.S. might be shifting.

The Atlanta United Academy is playing a home game Saturday and you should check it out at Pace's facilties! Some of the Dirty South Soccer crew will be there to cheer on the future of Atlanta United!

Finally we take our weekly look at the MLS playoff picture and my how things change very quickly. Who is in? Who is out? Does Dallas go for the shield or just get ready for the postseason run?

Covering the pitch like the dew, it's the Peachtree Post!