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Ticket sales increasing after Tata Martino’s hire

Daily average doubled in last 24 hours

Doug Roberson of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the daily season ticket sales “doubled” in last 24 hours since manager Gerardo Martino was announced by the club.

Martino specifically mentioned his surprise at the success of season ticket sales in his introductory press conference this morning at the World of Coca-Cola in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta United announced that they had surpassed 22,000 season tickets sold on August 19, setting the record for season ticket sales by a Major League Soccer expansion club. They are currently second in the league behind the Seattle Sounders in season ticket sales.

Orlando recently announced that they had sold out of their season ticket allotment of 18,000 for their new stadium that opens next season. Fellow 2017 expansion team Minnesota United recently passed 8,000 deposits for season tickets.

The club made a push after the Martino announcement through social media as season ticket sales have now extended beyond the initial Founders’ Club deposits.