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Even Kenwyne Jones doesn't know who Atlanta United's manager will be

He's just as curious as everyone else.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Kenwyne Jones did a little happy dance when asked about his move to Atlanta United prior to Tuesday’s match against the US Men’s National Team. It was clear he was excited.

This was before he even knew some American Outlaw (and Atlanta United) fans will fill a bus that'll take them from Atlanta to the World Cup Qualifying match in Jacksonville.

Naturally, those fans are there to root on the US Men’s National Team. But, a peak at the Trinidadian prior to joining Atlanta United certainly makes the trip a bit more enticing.

"Really?! That’s absolutely great!" Jones said after hearing the news. "It’d be nice to have them come watch the game."

Does that add pressure for Jones to perform? Nope. His resume for what he can bring to the future Atlanta United attack is all in the videos.

"I think they can go back the years and see what I can do. I don’t have to show them anything special," Jones said.

"My clips are out there for everyone to see," he added. "I’ve been quite effective over my time."

It’s true. Everywhere he’s played he’s scored goals in bunches. It’s no wonder guys like Matt Doyle have been clamoring for him to join MLS. That move has finally come and, thankfully, it’s with Atlanta United.

"I think it’s going to be an exciting time for Atlanta and also for the club, because it’s obviously their first time in MLS and it’s a new beginning for the city of Atlanta. It’s history for them," Jones said.

"I’m delighted to be part of that and also looking forward to the new MLS season. I’ve wanted to play over here for some time but I guess now the time is right. We’ll see what the year brings."

The all-important question, however, was whether he knew who his manager would be.

"No I don’t. Up to this afternoon I was trying to find out if they had anyone. I just know they’ve been interviewing a few people and hopefully they get one soon because the season is rapidly approaching."

The drama continues…