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Peachtree Post 10: Atlanta United, history, Landon Donovan, & MLS roundup

What’s new this week?

1. BUNDESLIGA 00/01 TRAININGSLAGER BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN Photo by Sandra Behne/Bongarts/Getty Images

Welcome back to another week! Jarrett and Jason are here with the tenth edition of the Peachtree Post.

We look at Atlanta United players this last week and names that have been appearing in your news feed as well. Who might come? Who might not? We also talk about a topic from one of our listeners, MLS rules on charter flights.

History class is in session with Prof. Longshore concerning Phil Woosnam and his impact on Atlanta soccer in the past and what it means for the present and future.

LANDON DONOVAN IS BACK but what does it mean? How does he fit? Will the Galaxy go back to terrorizing people?

Weekly update with the wacky MLS as teams only have a handful of games remaining before the playoffs.

Covering the pitch like dew, it's the Peachtree Post!

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