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Georgia Revolution Reserves remain undefeated in ADASL play

The Baby Eagles have 20 points from a possible 24 and currently sit in second place in their group

Georgia Revolution Reserves 2016 Georgia Revolution

The Georgia Revolution Reserves remain undefeated in the first eight games of their inaugural Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League (ADASL) season. With six wins and two ties, the Baby Eagles have 20 points and sit in second place on the combined second division table.

The ADASL has an almost fifty-year history in the Atlanta area. When the Atlanta Chiefs were founded in 1967, the organization created the ADASL to “to generate interest in soccer.” While the Chiefs’ existence sputtered in the 70s and eventually stopped in the 1981, the ADASL continued to thrive. The league grew from nine clubs in 1967 to 40 teams in the early 80s.

Today, the ADASL currently features 22 clubs in two divisions. The Second Division is split into two groups with six teams each. Each club plays 18 games in a season that runs from October to May with a month and a half winter break.

The Georgia Revolution Reserves currently sit in second place in the Second Division, only behind BVB Gwinnett. Over their first eight games, the Baby Eagles have scored 40 goals while only conceding 9. They have the most goals for in the division and are tied for the fewest goals allowed.

According to the league President, the top club in each group will be automatically promoted to the First Division at the end of the 2016-2017 season. That spells trouble for the Revs, who currently sit in second in their group behind the division leaders.

The Revolution Reserves are going to need to pick up every available point in the second half of the season to keep the hope of promotion alive. The Georgia Revolution Reserves play their next match at North Mountain Carmel Park on January 8, 2017 at 3:00pm.