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OFFICIAL: Waka Flocka is an Atlanta United fan

O let do it.

Atlanta United knows what’s up.

At 3 a.m. this morning (because that’s how Waka Flocka Flame lives his life), the Atlanta-based rapper tweeted out his support for the greatest club in the world.

He was also sporting Atlanta United gear on his Snapchat story last night.

Atlanta United’s twitter account caught wind of this and created a custom kit just for him.

Garnering the support of celebrities, especially those who represent Atlanta, is a great way to extend the club’s reach to those who normally wouldn’t hear much about Atlanta United.

People are easily influenced. Celebrities like Waka Flocka wearing Atlanta United apparel on social media and voicing their continued support for the club could result in an even wider fanbase of people who also want Atlanta United kits. It’s a simple marketing tool.

Atlanta United seems to have a knack for catching the attention of hometown rappers. Last October, the U-18 team ran into Migos at the airport.

Hopefully Quavo and Takeoff were presented with some gear also, as well as an extra shirt for Offset.

Hey Atlanta United, with all these connections you now have, could we maybe get a pre-match concert on March 5th? Just get Migos to rap “New Atlanta” with a Waka Flocka sample and you can find me crowd surfing the supporter’s section. Also, Andre 3000 leading all of Bobby Dodd Stadium in a stirring rendition of “Georgia on my Mind”?

Well, now my hopes are up.