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Mission Complete: Jeff Larentowicz Tattoo for The Fugees

It. Is. Done.


Thanks I guess.

I have a Jeff “The Ginja Ninja” Larentowicz throwing star on my back now. For eternity. All thanks to y’all! (You jerks.)

The single strangest moment in my life has left me with a ton of people to fight thank for...well whatever this was.

First on the list is obviously everyone who donated. Including:

Jay Riddle, Robyn Saghini, Charles Phillips, Joe Patrick, The Faction, Wilson Wise, Pamela Vickers, Doug Roberson, Payson Schwin, Jon Nelson, Kelly Frances, Alexander King, Andrew GK, Damon Haas, Harry Harris, Drew Podo, Soccer Down Here, Millie Johnson, Marcus Wilson, Nicholas Lombardi, Brian Lake, Matt Labbe, Michael Brickhouse, Jonas Wilson, Will Strickland, Patty Guenthner, Liz Mosher, MOTS Podcast, Kristin Smith, Kevin Sease, Christine Oses, Ryan Catanese, Don Lees, Alex Carbine, Justin Mah, Chris Hinton, 5 Stripe Stunner, Darren Eales (!!!), Rekrap C., David Bell, Kristi Brandt, Katherine Overman, Todd Anderson, Jeffrey Hampel, Caitlin McConnell, Jay Harrison, Sean Patterson, Bennie Pennington, Andy Watkins, Becky Copeland, Jayson Rodriguez, Jerid Morisco, Tanveer Moin and JEFF LARENTOWICZ.


which is awesome considering that this is likely more weird for him than anybody. So, thanks Jeff. See you at the next press conference. I’ll be the one avoiding eye contact at all cost.

At the time I’m writing this, y’all have donated $2,036 dollars to The Fugees. 2,036. Two-thousand three-hundred-and-six. Dollars. $2,036 dollars for charity and for my suffering. That’s absolutely bonkers and y’all deserve all the cholera praise you can get. And hey, you can still donate by clicking here if you want to.

Additionally, I have to thank DSS’s fearless leader Rob Usry for supporting this nonsense, as well as the folks at Atlanta United and Ink & Dagger Tattoo. Their help was immeasurable and I can’t recommend Eddie Stacey’s work enough if you’re looking for to put something permanent on you. The man pulled off the miracle of making a tattoo based on MLS veteran-midfielder Jeff Larentowicz look somewhat not ridiculous, in addition to being cooler than the rest of us, and (maybe) a bigger Five Stripes fan than us.

Also, thanks to Nick Landon of Nick Landon Media for putting together the video so I didn’t have to.

I am not thanking those of you that retweeted the initial tweet before this was a charity thing. You’re all monsters.

Welp. This has been super weird. And fun. And kind of awesome. And maybe the coolest thing I’ve been a part of in my life. This city and this fan base never stop showing why each is the best of its kind. The kindness and the stupidity and the fun of all this will literally stick with me the rest of my life.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, never tweet.