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Copa90’s Atlanta United mini-documentary is epic

Some A+ content for your eyeballs.

It seems like since the first ball was kicked in preseason Atlanta United has been the it team to talk about in American soccer. It’s funny that in the season finale the Five Stripes will be battling possibly the greatest single-season team in MLS history and yet they themselves are a bigger story for the way their inaugural season has played out.

Copa90 has brought us some video magic to get us in the mood before the final regular season match of 2017. They’ve produced a fantastic miniature documentary on the club and everything that’s gone into creating an amazing culture in such a short span of time. From the supporter groups to the local musical artists all the way to the people who cook the food at tailgates. This short video is a great look at the club we love and completely worth your time.

Watch the video above and head down below and let us know what you think.