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Another very good Atlanta United video

Get your Kleenex ready.

Atlanta United’s stellar video department has done it again. While it seems like forever since the last time we saw our beloved team actually play a game, their social media offerings are keeping the inaugural season fresh in our minds. Their latest video effort is a very emotional one that features some of the season’s best moments accompanied by audio testimonials from fans and players about how awesome this club is. One of the key moments is hearing Josef Martinez talk about his decision to join the club and calling it “the best decision he could’ve made” and saying that he hopes to have many more years to come.

While it’s certainly true that there are far better options than MLS out there league-wise. Atlanta United has become its own secret weapon in keeping the talented players it has acquired. The top notch environment it has created on and off the field appears to be a huge factor in winning over their hearts.