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MLS and Bobblehead Hall of Fame announces first Official Bobbleheads for Atlanta United


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Atlanta United Vintage Classic Bobblehead
National Bobblehead Hall of Fame

Limited Edition bobbleheads featuring all 23 MLS teams are now available for sale exclusively from the National Bobblehead HOF.

MLS and National Bobblehead Hall of Fame have come together to make the first Official set of all 23 MLS teams bobbleheads which includes the first ever Atlanta United bobbleheads. These bobbleheads feature the team-specific home kit, team name, and MLS patch.

Here’s what Co-Founder and CEO of National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, Phil Sklar, had to say about the bobbleheads, "MLS fans are extremely passionate, but until now there were no bobbleheads available for most of the teams. These will be another great way for soccer fans to show their support for their favorite club.”

For any of you bobblehead collectors, they will also be releasing bobbleheads for all of the other MLS teams. There is only one player-specific model (Jordan Morris hoisting the 2016 MLS Cup Trophy) so far and likely there will be more in the future (we can only hope for a Tata Martino bobblehead and yes I will be 10 if there is).

Here’s a look at all 23 MLS teams (LAFC will be released in 2018):

All 23 MLS Vintage Classic Bobbleheads
National Bobblehead Hall of Fame

Here’s a look at the Atlanta United Vintage Classic Bobblehead

Atlanta United Vintage Classic Bobblehead
National Bobblehead Hall of Fame

The folks over at BobbleHall were nice enough to give me (<- Bad decision) a Bobblehead to look over and while I’m not the biggest fan of bobbleheads I think this little guy is nice to have sitting up on my shelf. As a fan, any gear, apparel, and items team related is always something I look to get, especially as the team is still in its early days. If you’d like to buy one, for $25, they are available here at