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Potential NASL Atlanta franchise won’t launch in 2018

Plans have fallen through.

Almost nearly a year ago, a group called First Team SC teased a big announcement that was supposed to reveal its intentions to bring a professional men’s soccer team and a NWSL team to Atlanta. The teams were supposedly set to be housed at a brand new 200-acre sports complex to be built in DeKalb County.

In April of 2017, the big announcement date came and went without anything happening. Soon after, they announced that it would be postponed until later. Now we have a definite announced from First Team SC CEO Trey Brantley on the status of the supposed men’s team — presumably destined for the NASL. The scheduled launch in 2018 has been canceled.

In a statement, Brantley cites the “current landscape of the soccer universe” as a reason as to why the target launch date won’t be feasible.

It remains to be seen when First Team SC will launch either a men’s or a women’s team. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for more prospective pro teams in the Atlanta area.