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The Daily Dirt: December 14: Don’t Stop Don’t Stopping

Signing, trading, waiver draft? Another busy day around MLS.

Toronto FC v Atlanta United FC Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta United technical staff may be taking the “5-Stripes Don’t Stop” a little bit to the extreme. Seriously, this team is on top of everything and always seem to be a step ahead of the rest of the league. They managed to sign Jose Hernandez and trade for Darlington Nagbe in one day, which they would probably call a slow day.

With Nagbe, Atlanta’s offense seems to be on a new level that MLS hasn’t seen before. This team scored 70 goals last year while missing their leading scorer for months and now they add a midfielder in Nagbe who will certainly only help that number increase. It’s amazing.

Now that Nagbe is officially here, we can focus in on Ezequiel Barco from Independiente, who just won the Copa Sudamericana thanks to a Barco penalty. Speaking of which, how crazy is it that they trust an 18 year old in that big of a moment for them to take the PK?

In other news around the MLS, just 2 players were selected in this years draft (Kip Colvey to the Rapids and Clement Diop to the Impact). The Impacts choice of Diop was a bit surprising, given Diop had just two clean sheets in 15 starts while conceding 31 goals. While not all his fault, he didn’t seem particularly good at all.


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