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Watch Darlington Nagbe arrive in Atlanta on a private freaking jet

Baller Level: 100

In case you haven’t figured this out by now, Atlanta United is sort of a big deal. On and off the field, since day one, the club has presented itself not like a run-of-the-mill MLS team, but a truly top club in the world of soccer.

Evidence of this was on full display Friday when Darlington Nagbe was introduced to the Five Stripe faithful for the first time. The day began early in the morning as the Atlanta braintrust (Darren Eales, Carlos Bocanegra and Paul McDonough) boarded a private jet to swoop up Nagbe from what I can only presume is somewhere in Ohio (considering the snow and that’s where he grew up).

While on the flight he was presented his No. 6 home shirt for the first time and got to chat with the technical staff. We can only imagine what was said on the flight, but you have to assume there was a lot of “this is pretty darn cool” coming from Darlington.

Finally, the plane touched back down in Atlanta with the newest member of the club greeted more like a movie star than a non-DP member of an MLS team.

Hundreds and hundreds of supporters greeted Nagbe at the official team store at Mercedes-Benz Stadium where he took pictures and signed autographs.

Welcome to Atlanta, Darlington. The fun is just beginning.