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Report: Atlanta United’s bid for Ezequiel Barco rejected; Independiente want twice as much money


Independiente v Flamengo - Copa CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2017 Final Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Independiente Vice President Pablo Moyano went on FOX Sports Argentina on Tuesday to give some updates about the club. He confirmed that they have rejected Atlanta United’s $12 million bid for Ezequiel Barco and have countered with a $24 million price tag.

It appears that Independiente’s and specifically Barco’s success in the Copa Sudamericana has severely altered the club’s valuation of their top prospect. The question now becomes, will Atlanta up their offer more or pull out? It seems very unlikely that they’ll reach the $24 million price tag put on him, but they could try and up their original offer.

If they decide not to and move on, they have at least a month to bring in a new player before the preseason starts. Time is on their side, so there’s really no need to panic. As for Independiente, are they willing to risk not getting any money for Barco? There doesn’t appear to be any other offers on the table and are asking for twice as much money from Atlanta.

This saga doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon unless Atlanta go out and sign someone else or Barco is sold to another club. Stay tuned, I guess...