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The Daily Dirt, February 10: It begins...

Soak it all in tomorrow in Chattanooga

Dave Williamson Photography

The Friday before a game is always an exciting time for a team. The Friday before the first game, even if it is just a preseason exhibition, is special. The Friday before a team’s first ever game is on another level.

Even with all of the experience Tata Martino and his players have, this is a brand new experience for all of them. Tomorrow afternoon in Chattanooga, they will play their first ever match with the Atlanta United badge on their chest. Even the most jaded of them have to have an extra bit of anticipation for tomorrow’s kickoff. All of the work they have been doing in putting this team together and in training camp will pay off in a match.

For the front office, some of whom have been at it for years now, it has to almost be like watching your child come into the world. I can’t even imagine the excitement level for Arthur Blank and his family, who have come into this project with so much passion.

Enjoy tomorrow’s game, cheer on your team, but be glad that the result does not matter. In the long run, no one will remember the score from tomorrow’s game in Chattanooga. Hopefully though, everyone will remember how it felt.


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