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Chattanooga FC 0-4 Atlanta United: Comment of the match thread

And the winner is...


This is a random idea that popped into my head while reading back through our first ever match thread for Atlanta United’s 4-0 preseason opening victory over Chattanooga FC. We’ll have player ratings for you guys to fill out when the MLS season starts, but how cool would it be to reward great comments? So, we’re going to try out this new idea. If you guys like it we’ll keep going with it, if it falls flat we’ll just not.

Anyways, after reading back over the thread, one comment popped out that made me physically laugh out loud. That comment was made by FourthDP:

This is obviously in reference to Atlanta United reserving the No. 17 for the fans. I got a good chuckle out of it.

We hope to see more great comments all season during our match threads. We know some of you go to bars or what not to watch matches, but we’ll be here for your conversation needs throughout the season.