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Atlanta United Season tickets going paperless

Update @ 4:30pm on 2/15:

Email from the team has gone out to all season ticket holders officially announcing that the season tickets will be paperless. The email also suggests that we should start expecting to see ticket packages by early next week!

This morning a video was released on the Atlanta United Ticket office youtube page, indicating that season tickets will be “stored” on a debit size card and linked to your Ticketmaster account.

All Founding Members will receive a Match Day Ticket card that will provide access into each home match. One card will be provided per seat owned. Therefore, if you own 4 seats you can expect to receive 4 cards.

I expect to see an email rolled out to all season ticket holders by the end of this week. However, until the official announcement you can log into your account manager, and view the “Manage your tickets” section, which includes several screen shots on how to: Manage tickets, Transfer and Sell tickets.

H/T to r/AtlantaUnited