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New Atlanta soccer website teases big announcement, two franchises

Oh...this is interesting...

On Wednesday, plans for a brand new 200-acre sports complex in DeKalb County were unveiled during a press conference. Those plans also called for a possible addition of two new professional soccer teams to the Atlanta area.

Two professional soccer teams could move in to the area over the next couple of years, said Trey Brantley, CEO of First Team SC. A men’s team could move there in 2018, and he hopes for a women’s team in 2019. - via AJC

Soon after the press conference concluded, a website called popped up with some interesting things. The first thing you see when the website loads is a male and a female wearing gym attire with the caption “We are coming” in bold letters. Just below that some info is given.


We are bringing professional soccer back to the east side of Atlanta. Beginning in 2018, both a men's team and a women's team will call Atlanta their home. We will play out of Atlanta Sports City - a unique complex unlike anything else in the country. Find out more about our plans or our people.

Just below that intoduction, there is a giant countdown clock with around 40 days left on it. The message above it promises a big announcement regarding the two new teams coming to Atlanta. It has long been rumored that an NASL team and NWSL team would be coming to the city. However, we don’t know for sure if that’s what will be announced.

One interesting detail about the website that was pointed out is the use of this font on the top logo:

This font is nearly identical to the MLS Atlanta 2017 brand before they became Atlanta United:

It could merely be a coincidence, or just lazy graphic design. But, is it possible that it’s a hint the two teams could have some relationship with Atlanta United? I suppose we’ll find out in 40 days.

Edit: A spokesman from First Team SC has confirmed to DSS that their club is in no way related to Atlanta United and the graphic is pure coincidence.