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Atlanta United reach 30,000 season tickets sold


Dave Williamson Photography

Several weeks ago it was announced that Atlanta United had reached an incredible milestone of 27,000 season tickets sold. Now, just nine days before the team’s first ever MLS match against the New York Red Bulls, they’ve announced they’ve hit the 30,000 mark in season tickets sold.

Just to compare how amazing this is, in 2010, the Seattle Sounders capped their season ticket sales at 32,000. However, they’ve since lifted that cap. Seattle of course have the most season ticket sales in the league and consistently sell out their home venue.

“The fan support has been incredible, and the atmosphere is going to be electric on March 5,” said Atlanta United president Darren Eales. “I can’t wait to see our supporters in the stands and our new fans experience their first professional soccer match. It will be like no other sporting event in Atlanta.”

It’s shaping up to be an amazing first season for Atlanta United. You best get on board while you still can...