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Tito Villalba wrote us a letter

Unrelated note: Tito is the best

Dang it, Atlanta United. You’re gonna go a make us get all emotional on this big week. They got Tito Villalba to write an awesome letter ahead of the club’s first official match this weekend. This is pretty cool. Here’s how it reads:

Dear Atlanta,

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am the son of Juana Villalba. When I was 10 years old I arrived in San Lorenzo to follow my dreams. I grew and gave my all; and with honor I wore the colors of the “Ciclon.” Today I have a new challenge, in a new city, at a new club. In a new league for me and a new history to build. Here I will proudly wear the red, black, and gold. I am ready to attack for you, for us, for Atlanta. My name is “Tito” Villalba and I play for Atlanta United.

With love,


Tito is the best. Atlanta United is the best. We’re going to win every game.