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Join the Dirty South Soccer 2017 MLS Fantasy League

Lead your team to glory

As Sunday night taught us (sorry to bring it up), sports are an emotional roller coaster that can start by eliciting the greatest sense of elation and joy only to end by leaving us wallowing in a bitter sense of self-pity, shock, and numbness. Surely, Atlanta United will bring fans highs and lows all season, hopefully more of the former than the latter, but perhaps the most difficult aspect of these emotions is the feeling of helplessness in knowing that your actions as an observer have little bearing on the result on the field aside from encouraging your team to win. For those looking to add both personal culpability and self-aggrandizement to the results of the game, there’s MLS Fantasy and the Dirty South Soccer league!

The game is fun, simple, and, if this is the first time you’ll be following MLS, a great way to learn about the players and teams in MLS. To join, create an account by clicking here, once you’ve created your team, join the DSS league by following this link or by going to the ‘Join Leagues’ link on the fantasy site and entering this code 1883-730.

I’ll be working on a more through fantasy guide filled with misguided advice, partially accurate predictions, sarcasm, and strategy tips that I’ll post closer to opening day when lineups are more... predictable, but for now get your roster set and think of a good team name - I’ll post some of the best ones later.