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Introducing “Barber Jones”

Kenwyne Jones is apparently Atlanta United’s resident team barber

One cool thing about a brand new soccer team forming is all the new relationships that form. One ‘bromance’ that seems to have materialized is that of Harrison Heath and Kenwyne Jones. This past weekend, Kenwyne posted a funny instagram video of the team out on the town singing in his car with Harrison right behind him doing his best lip-syncing.

Getting in the spirit

A video posted by Kenwyne Jones (@kenwynejonestt) on

Today, Harrison introduced us to “Barber Jones” on his Instagram story. Apparently Kenwyne is a master at the haircut game and gave Harrison a fresh new cut.

From now until the end of days, Kenwyne Jones has to be referred to as “Barber Jones”.

Update: The cut was a success!