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Why using the “Hey Ya” chant on goal kicks is a must

It’s not a perfect idea, but it’s one that makes sense.

Atlanta United have a problem they’re trying to solve and are looking to the famous rap group Outkast to help. While not trying to pat ourselves on the back, an idea originating from a fanpost wrote on DSS has apparently gotten the approval of the club. A user named K21Taylor wrote the post with the genius idea for fans to chant “Hey Ya!” on goal kicks in an attempt to drown out a small group of fans using the “P***” chant, which is of a homophobic nature.

The team told Doug Roberson of the AJC that the idea is one they would like to hear fans use.

My biggest issue with fan-created ideas for songs, chants, or traditions is the immediate response from others with ideas they perceive as better. Instead of agreeing on an idea and starting something cool, the process turns into a game of one-upsmanship and nothing ever happens.

One idea emerges and a section of the supporters like it, then someone comes along and presents an alternative and others agree with them. On and on the cycle goes with nothing being decided upon until it ultimately evaporates away.

In this particular case, the club have acted as an impartial mediator to help fans decide on this particular chant. Whether you love the idea, aren’t crazy about it, or hate it, most rational people can agree it’s better than the alternative that embarrassed the club and many of its fans in the inaugural match.

My plea to you is this. Stop worrying about the best possible idea, because in the end it’s all subjective. Simply pick an idea and try to execute it. This idea is brilliant and has ties to Atlanta. There’s no reason but pure stubbornness that it shouldn’t catch on and become a thing. Maybe that’s harsh to say, but someone has to say it. Please put your personal beliefs aside and give this idea a chance for the betterment of the team and the community.