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The Atlanta United supporter’s guide to tailgating (The Bobby Dodd edition)

A helpful guide.

It seems like every day on Twitter we get asked about tailgating situations for Atlanta United supporters. This very helpful graphic has been making the rounds on social media. Big thanks to all of the Supporter Groups for making this. We wanted to share it and give a little context for anyone new to this process. If you’re looking to hang out with the Five Stripe Nation (eh???) before each of the remaining home matches at Bobby Dodd Stadium, here’s how to do it.

1. Atlanta United’s supporters groups all gather at 674 Spring St. in the lot behind the Varsity several hours before kickoff.

2. Around 75 minutes before scheduled kickoff, supporters march in unison. The march goes through an alley on to 3rd St, through the tunnel under the Connector (75/85), and comes out on Bobby Dodd Way and on into the stadium.

3. Supporters with access to the supporters’ section will go to their designated gates at the North End of the stadium. Supporters with general admission tickets go to their assigned gates for entry.

4. While cheering on Atlanta United be loud, be passionate and be smart.