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These two simple Atlanta United chants are breathtaking

Simple but amazing...

A lot of the talk yesterday during and after Atlanta United’s clean sheet victory over the Chicago Fire was about the atmosphere at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Even with 10,000 less people than the inaugural match, the atmosphere somehow exceeded that historic night.

Two chants stood out from the TV side of things. You could hear both clear as day while sitting at home and both sounded amazing. First it was the simple A-T-L chant. While on paper it may seem pedestrian, but when 45,000 people are chanting it in unison it’s simply breathtaking to hear. Here’s a small taste of what it sounds like:

The other chant is a back and forth between the supporters. You see it in college football a lot, but it’s not exclusive to that sport. The Seattle Sounders made it famous in MLS and Atlanta United fans have adopted it and made it even more awesome. With half the stadium chanting “Atlanta” and the other half chanting “United” this is a chant that’s here to stay.

Well done, everyone involved with building the atmosphere at the stadium. Just two matches in and it’s already sounding amazing. With more repetition and more ideas coming to fruition, Atlanta are well on their way to creating something truly spectacular.