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Visual proof that Atlanta is “Uniting” the South

Atlanta United are becoming the Team of the South.

Atlanta is a city rich in modern day pop culture and is arguably the busiest city in the South. The sports teams are popular both in the city and outside the state of Georgia, but the arrival of Atlanta United has shown an instant impact.

While Atlanta United is a young franchise, having played just three games in Major League Soccer so far, it’s influence in the South is already showing. According to a fan survey conducted by Reddit user “fantasyMLShelper”, Atlanta United are fast becoming the team of the South.

The survey consists of 4,154 participants and the results show that Atlanta United’s support stretches through Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

It shows just how far Atlanta’s support has grown in such a short space of time. The states surrounding Georgia have bought into the culture of the expansion team and are all in.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, the sport and club continue to prove they are a hit. With two home games at Bobby Dodd Stadium so far, Atlanta United have sold out both games with attendances of 55,000 for the opener and a reduced capacity of 45,000 for the second home game. The atmosphere in Atlanta has been nothing short of exceptional with the club’s fans earning high praise from all over Major League Soccer.

The rise of Atlanta has been fast and furious, with fans all over MLS turning their heads to realize just how good this expansion team is. While supporters around the country may already have their teams, Atlanta have shot onto the scene in the South and the fanbase is growing faster than many expected.

Don’t sleep on Atlanta United anymore, this team is here to win and the fans are here to prove that Atlanta is a soccer city after all.