The Best Goal Kick Chant Idea Yet

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

-Ed. Note: This fanpost had a different headline to begin with, but this idea has the DSS stamp of approval. Thus, the new headline.

The "Puto" chant has made a significant amount of headlines around the MLS and Atlanta United community since the club's MLS Debut on Sunday. This is a chant that has historically been used by the Mexican National team when an opposing goalkeeper prepares to kick off. The word is used in the Mexican dialect as a homophobic slur and is not acceptable in any environment, especially not a family-oriented environment that the ATLUTD front office would like to host. So, how can we shut it down?

While making posts on the internet (like this one, yes I see the irony) may be the first thing that comes to mine, it just simply wont be effective. The people that contribute to the controversial chant will likely never see the posts or comments, and even if they do they probably won't care. The best way to get these people to stop would be to make them be unheard. Drown them out with something better.

I've seen many ideas, and they're all much better alternates than screaming a word that can and will offend many people. The issue is agreeing on one single goal kick chant that everyone can get on board with. Here is my attempt at throwing my hat into the ring with an idea of my own:

I'm an Atlanta native, and with that comes my love for the city's music culture. I think it would be awesome to have a famous Atlanta artist or group be represented with an Atlanta United chant. My group of choice? Outkast. Leading up to a goal kick I would have fans gather together with a loud roar of "Heeeeeeeeeeey" and when the keeper makes contact with the ball follow up with "YA!". Yes this may seem underwhelming and not much of an ode to the musical genius of Outkast, but what if it could just initiate the crowd singing the chorus of their hit song "Hey ya"

Listen to the song here

What do y'all think? Maybe it's lame, but it beats being offensive. I challenge you to come up with something that all of Atlanta United can get behind.

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