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Social Media Recap: Atlanta United at Real Salt Lake

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Real Salt Lake
Tito battles it out for possession versus Real Salt Lake
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United worked to a well earned 3-1 win versus Real Salt Lake to cap off a 4 game road streak. The Twitterverse definitely had a lot to say in this match, ranging from Beckerman’s signature hair to Brandon Vazquez’s first goal in his debut. Check out what social media had to say about this one below:

Exactly the same sentiments I shared.

Chas has a good taste in soccer teams and beer, obviously.

2/2 on the jokes tonight. Good work, Matt.

He definitely put Real Salt Lake on watch in the 10th minute. Villalba arrived in style.


Beckerman getting some of the gripes from United fans after his card and complaining to the refs.

An extra ‘s’ there, but the sentiment is still the same. RSL gave Yamil Asad quite a few blows.

So, I guess they don’t like us?

I think we should definitely coin “da okie doke” in some fashion.

This meme is my reaction, completely.


You have to have faith as an Atlanta fan. No doubts.

Matt, guess what? :)

Tweet of the night goes to Steve.

Another day, another ‘Kast reference. I love it.

A wild Vazquez appears.

A wild Vazquez attacks. 3 points, secured. :)

Absolutely an important 3 points for Atlanta United. After last week, this was a well needed win on the road. Good work United.

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