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Atlanta United have only trailed for 19 minutes this season

“Expansion team”.


When Yamil Asad scored to put Atlanta United ahead 2-0 last night against Real Salt Lake, a random thought came to mind. “Huh, Atlanta doesn’t lose often,” I thought. I wasn’t even referring to losing matches in their entirety, but just trailing during those matches in general. It hasn’t happened that much. In fact, it’s been very, very rare for the Five Stripes. My curiosity got the best of me, so I did some research. Here’s what I found.

In seven matches, Atlanta United have played 680 minutes. They’ve only trailed for 19 of them.

This means a few things. One, Atlanta scores goals very early on. In three of the six matches United have scored in, the first goal came withing the first ten minutes of the match. It’s hard to trail a match when leading early on.

Second, Atlanta United don’t give up many goals. Eight in seven matches is a respectable ratio, especially for an expansion side.

Lastly, when the Five Stripes are losing, it tends to be late in matches. Now it’s a very small sample size considering they’ve only trailed in three matches so far, but two of those three times came as a result of goals given up in the 82nd minute against the New York Red Bulls and the 94th minute at Montreal.

With all that being said, Atlanta United certainly haven’t looked like an expansion side early on in the season. Let’s keep this up.

Here are some more fun facts for you to enjoy:

  • Time spent(out of 680 minutes played):

Leading: 330 minutes

Tied: 331 minutes

Trailing: 19 minutes

  • Out of the 19 minutes, 13 came against the New York Red Bulls, 5 against Toronto, and 1 against Montreal.
  • 50 of the 680 total minutes played have come during stoppage time.
  • 19 minutes = 2.8% of Atlanta United’s total time played.