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Mercedes-Benz Stadium general manager says stadium “90% done”

We’re in the home stretch!

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

While there’s still work to be done on the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium despite it being delayed several times, things look to be cruising at a brisk pace right now. In an interview with the Associated Press, stadium general manager Scott Jenkins reported that MBS was “90% done” and that things should be finished by August, in time for Atlanta Falcons preseason and for Atlanta United to finally play its matches.

Since the announcement that the stadium’s opening was being pushed back again (leading to some discontent among Atlanta United fans), there have been encouraging signs. Workers were able to complete the framework of the roof and get it to open and close, and of course, the next step is installing the eight petals at the top and making sure it functions as planned - along with the massive, first-of-its-kind LED halo board underneath it.

As far as the outside of the stadium, workers were putting the finishing touches on a huge 75,000-pound, 41-foot-tall falcon statue that will greet fans as they arrive. Or, for opposing fans, haunt their dreams for life. Later, they’ll begin the installation of a 53-foot-tall mirrored soccer ball on the other side of the complex.

So, at least for now, it looks as if all the remaining wrinkles have been ironed out and construction is set to wrap up at a fairly good pace. It will be amazing to finally see the finished product and how everything comes together when it opens in August.