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Atlanta United at Seattle Sounders: Social Media Reaction

Bantz, taeks, and more.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Seattle Sounders FC
United players walking on the pitch for pregame ceremonies
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United battled it out with the Seattle Sounders to gain a 0-0 draw. Although that isn’t the most exciting score line, the Twitterverse added some fun to the match. Check out what Football Twitter had to offer during the match:

A great era indeed.

Unless we meet again...

Game. On.

I liked the suggestion of ‘Miggy’ for Almirón. Hopefully he’ll be as amazing on offense as the other.

For I-85! Seriously. We could use some joy to cope with the ensuing traffic.

More goals are always fun, but I’ll take a hard fought battle every now and then.

Prayers answered.

The ref’s tumble was surely hilarious. Highlight of the match.


I don’t quite know how they managed to play in front of so few either. :)

Although the match ended in a draw, United fought and defended when it counted. The fans enjoyed a thriller against the Sounders and gave us some quality tweets in return. Any other fun reactions? Post below!