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Atlanta United need to up their shorts game

Grey and white do not go well together.


We need to have a talk. Surely — if you were able to watch last night’s match — you were taken back by Atlanta United’s interesting kit combination of grey (or concrete as they’re calling it) shirts and white shorts. It was...not a great look if we’re being brutally honest.

This is the first time we’ve seen the grey secondary kits in the regular season. In preseason when we saw them, they wore red shorts to go with them and it looked fantastic.

The explanation for them not being able to wear the red shorts is pretty easy. Toronto FC’s all-red strip would’ve clashed with them in the eyes of MLS rules and fashionistas everywhere. So, apparently the only alternative was white and that’s what they went with.

This look just did not look appealing whatsoever. In the event that the red shorts aren’t an option in the future, the team need to find a way to have another color other than white available to them. Two options that would work are the regular black shorts or a color that matches the grey/concrete of shirts.

Granted, I’m not fully aware of the rules on kit combinations. Maybe they had no other choice on the matter? That’s always possible with MLS’ wild and wacky rules. But, if they have the choice to add in another color to the mix, they should hurry up and do that quick. Because last night’s combination was not very good.

Side note: The grey shirts look really good. Just get some better shorts to go with them if the reds aren’t available.