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Atlanta United unleash three-goal barrage on NYCFC

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Atlanta United FC
Almiron, the GOAT, smiling like I’m sure he is now.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t a drill. Atlanta United has started out fast by scoring two goals back-to-back in the first 20 minutes of the match three goals in the first 25 minutes of the match. Absolutely absurd.

First with a nice pass from Tito Villalba to Julian Gressel, Miguel Almiron opened up the scoresheet. This was a lovely start to the rematch against New York City FC and only the beginning of the offensive push. Check out the goal below:

Then, moments later Tito decided to get on the stat sheet after his awesome setup in the first goal. Check out his goal below:

To cap off the fire storm of goals, Gressel again lays out a nice pass to Almiron to grab his second goal of the match.

This is by far the fastest start I’ve seen from Atlanta United. Gressel has grabbed two assists, Almiron two goals, and Tito a goal as well. This is unreal and absolutely a pleasure to watch.