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Greg Garza welcomes new addition

Congrats to Greg and his family!

Stewart Johnstone (

Greg Garza welcomed the newest addition to his and the Atlanta United family this afternoon:

As we all bask in the glories and dwell on the failures of Atlanta United, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the players on the team make great sacrifices for their careers. Each player is trying to make a home in a new city and some of them have families that are also adjusting to a new place as well. These are aspects of the game that are seldom discussed and rarely covered by the media.

Garza moved his family from the West Coast of Mexico to the Southeastern United States to get his career back on track after recovering from a very difficult injury. It’s been wonderful to see him play a pivotal role in the success of Atlanta United on the field and today it’s great to see the joy and happiness his family is experiencing off of it.

Everyone at Dirty South Soccer wants to say: Congratulations Greg!