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Vancouver Whitecaps tweeted a video of Atlanta United’s MLS-leading 27 goals and everyone freaked out

This is why the internet was invented.

Atlanta United is so good that other MLS teams are now using them to sell tickets when they come to town. Vancouver Whitecaps put out this tweet on Thursday night advertising the mighty Five Stripes coming to their city and to buy some tickets to see their majestic beauty for themselves.

Needless to say, the internet wasn’t a fan of the marketing ploy or whatever you want to call it. MLS veteran Kei Kamara had a simple but brilliant response:

Whitecaps’ own fans were less than thrilled with their club’s social media strategy:

What have learned from this lesson? No matter how awesome another team may be, you better have undying loyalty to the team who you cover. That’s why DSS’ stance has and always will be that Atlanta United is the greatest soccer team on the planet and would beat Real Madrid in the Champions League final if not for UEFA’s dumb rules about not allowing MLS teams in their ridiculous competition.