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MLS Instagram post ignores Josef Martinez; Atlanta United fans revolt

The internet in a nutshell.

Major League Soccer is pretty darn good at releasing videos of their product. Whether it’s highlighting great performances, amazing goals or whatever. They do a good job for the most part of making the highlights available for public consumption. However, they made one small mistake when posting an Instagram video of “All the goals from Week 16” by omitting Josef Martinez’s fantastic near post finish to make it 3-1 against Columbus:

Run it back! All the goals from Week 16 ⬆️

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Needless to say, Atlanta United fans were not having that whatsoever. Here’s a quick look at what the comment section looks like at current time:

On one hand, the Atlanta United fan in me agrees wholeheartedly. HOW DARE YOU LEAVE OUT OUR BELOVED JOSEF! If not for Miguel Almiron’s super-human solo game-winner, Josef’s goal likely would’ve been a Goal of the Week candidate. Them leaving it out from a neutral perspective is a bit of a disservice to the fans.

On the other, as a content creator, I understand how easy it is to make one small mistake and for people to fixate on that one mistake, negating all of your hard work. So, while it’s not great that they missed Josef’s goal, lets cut them a tiny bit of slack, yeah?