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The Mercedes-Benz Stadium video board is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen


We’re around three months away from Atlanta United finally debuting in their brand new stadium in September. Mercedes-Benz Stadium promises to be one of the premier sporting venues in the entire world.

As evidenced by a video the Atlanta Falcons posted on their Twitter, the circular video board that wraps around the top of the stadium is one of the stadium’s most awe-inspiring features.

Just look at that thing. 60 years ago, 95% of the TV’s in the world were minuscule in black and white. Now Atlanta has a video board the size of a house with a pixel count as probably as high as Arthur Blank’s bank account.

We’re close to seeing what $1.6 Billion buys you. If this sample is any indication, we’re in for quite the treat on September 10 when Atlanta United hosts FC Dallas at The Benz for their first ever match at the Blank Palace.